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Regent Seaglider Reveal

An electrifying experience unfolded as the curtain parted to reveal the future of travel. The REGENT Seaglider, an electric aircraft designed to travel above the water at speeds up to 180 mph, captured the attention of all in attendance.

We took pride in creating an ambiance that mirrored the innovation and forward-thinking design of the Seaglider. The feel of the reveal reflected the game-changing nature of this aircraft. As it sat there, the tangible reality of a future where travel is quieter, more efficient, and emission-free was undeniable.

With room for 12 passengers and a range of 180 miles, the Seaglider promises not just a shift in how we think about travel, but a revolution in the possibilities of transportation. By powering this reveal, we were thrilled to play a small role in ushering in this new era of transportation.

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