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An Inside Look at Full Hybrid Meetings

Updated: Feb 22

Hybrid events have become increasingly popular, especially with the rise of remote work and global collaboration. While most people think of hybrid events as having both in-person and online audiences, the term "hybrid" can also apply to the presenters, or even to both presenters and audience. A highly sought-after approach in corporate meetings is the "full hybrid" model. Let's discuss what full hybrid events mean in the context of a town hall meeting for your organization, which has a corporate headquarters with satellite offices and executive leadership all over the world. This quarterly meeting is going to take place at your main office with a certain number of people attending in-person and many more watching online. There will be two main presenters at the main location: the CEO and CFO. The presentation will also feature a short presentation from an executive leadership team (ELT) member in a different location, with several other ELT members spread around the world to answer questions at the end of the meeting.

Event Requirements

  • AV support for the presenters and the in-person audience at the main location

  • Bring in a presenter and multiple ELT members from remote locations

  • Ensure everyone at the main location can see and interact in real-time with the remote presenter and ELT

  • Online viewers see a well-produced broadcast feed of the main location and the remote talent and can submit questions via the online event platform

So how can this be made possible? Here is how we do it:

  1. AV support for the in-person audience: We'll provide a professional audiovisual setup for the attendees in Boston, ensuring a high-quality experience for everyone present.

  2. Streaming solution: We'll use a reliable streaming platform to deliver a well-produced broadcast feed to the online audience, including both the in-person and remote presentations.

  3. Remote presenter and ELT integration: We'll set up a separate Zoom meeting to connect remote presenters and ELT members to the event in Boston, allowing them to participate and interact with the in-person audience and be integrated into the outbound broadcast.

  4. Remote talent setup: The remote participants in the Zoom meeting will receive a video feed featuring the slide deck, show clock, and program cut for the stream. This virtual setup mimics a downstage monitor, ensuring they stay in sync with the event and have access to the information they need for a successful presentation.

  5. Remote slide control: Remote presenters will have the option to control their slides using a website we provide, which can be accessed on their phone, or they can simply call out "next slide" to advance their presentation.

The Benefits of Full Hybrid Meetings for Your Company

Choosing a full hybrid event model, like the one OPPS can design for your organization, offers numerous benefits over having remote presenters and ELT members travel to the meeting location. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Cost savings: Traveling for a short meeting can be expensive, considering airfare, accommodation, and other related expenses. Full hybrid events minimize these costs by enabling remote participation, allowing companies to allocate their budget more effectively.

  2. Time savings: Attending an in-person event, especially for a short meeting, can be time-consuming for remote talent and attendees. With full hybrid events, they can join from their office or home, saving valuable time that can be used more productively.

  3. Increased accessibility: In some cases, the time and cost required for traveling may prevent remote participants from attending the meeting altogether. Full hybrid events remove these barriers, allowing for greater inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives.

  4. Enhanced value: Including remote presenters and ELT members in the event adds value to the meeting by enriching discussions, fostering collaboration, and strengthening relationships among team members. Full hybrid events facilitate this engagement without the downsides of travel.

By leveraging OPPS's expertise and technology, your organization can host a successful full hybrid event, connecting your diverse teams and creating a unified, engaging experience for all attendees, both in-person and online. The full hybrid model not only saves time and money but also enhances the overall value of the event by fostering greater collaboration and inclusion.

Ready to go hybrid?

Visit us at or give us a call at 1.401.799.5001 to discuss how OPPS can transform your event experience today. We look forward to partnering with you, both online and on stage!

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