ultra high definition remote broadcast solution



Bringing remote talent from their home or office  into a broadcast environment is something that happens every day. Despite this frequency, many have become complacent with what would otherwise be considered unacceptable video quality. Noise, oversaturation, poor lighting, and spotty connections aren’t characteristics of a good audience experience. Historically, the solution to this would involve complex at-home setups requiring a fair bit of technical responsibility on the talent. Not anymore.


Engineered and manufactured completely in-house, the Broadcast Box is our ground-up solution to bringing in remote talent with beautiful video and clear, intelligible audio – all without requiring technical knowledge to get set up. The Broadcast Box gets shipped to your talent via standard carrier and arrives in a lightweight, reusable shipping container. Simply plug into power and internet, push the power button and we take it from there. Included in the package is a wired lavalier microphone and IFB earpiece to get the best audio and clearest communication possible.


While the Broadcast Box tightly integrates with out remote production services, it is equally at home being used to capture pre-recorded video content. Need to record training videos or on-demand sessions? Broadcast Box can do that, too.

high end camera


4K MFT camera with

shallow depth of field.

remote admin


Setup, turn on.

We take it from there.

internal recording


Full-quality records

done on-location.

external input


Connect a laptop by HDMI

for real-time demos.

integrated lighting


Color-temperature adjustable

built-in LED lighting.

secure transmission


Fully encrypted connection

to our studio.

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